Dasarang Chicken

Which brand of Chicken Restaurant you had tried in Seoul, Korea?? Today we would like to introduce one of the Specialist Chicken Shop that are famous around Seoul with franchises all over Korea. And this shop is called as ” Dasarang Chicken”(다사랑)


Furthermore Dasarang was built since 1993 with their own concept of the “customer is their first priority” & with the taste that customer would believe in”. And their chicken are not important but 100% local farm produced. That how Dasarang form with the trust of customer and form Korean representative Chicken, Pizza Store

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So here the introduction of their chicken Flavor. You can either choose boneless or with bone. on the left side with Bone. on right is boneless


  • Flavour (With Bone)
    * Fried Chicken
    * Spicy Chicken
    * Hot Spicy Chicken 
    * Ganjang Chicken (Soy Sauce)(Without Bone)
    * Innocent Chicken
    * Innocent Spicy Chicken
    * Innocent Hot Spicy Chicken
    *Ganjang Chicken (Soy Sauce)
    * Cheese Innocent
    * Honey Butter Innocent
    * Garlic Innocent
    * Sweet
    The price are usually from 16000won to 18000won ++
    They also do provide Set Menu with cost around 22000won ++

    *****Recommend those in word in Bold*****

    They have their own Pizza too if you would like to try

    Store At Seoul :
    Konkuk University Station
    Add: 9-23 hwayangdong gwangjingu  seoul
    Tel: 02)462-9244

    Add: 20-2 yeongdeungpodong3ga, yeongdeungpogu  seoul
    Tel: 02)2676-9244

    Add: 52-22 changcheondong seodaemungu seoul
    Tel: 02)324-9244



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