Cool off this summer with ice-cold water festivals

This summer, if you are looking to ward off the heat and turn up your summer fun, have a blast at one of the cool water festivals being held throughout the nation from the middle of July. Starting off with the Water Gun Fight in Seoul, Yeongwol Donggang Festival and Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival will be held in Gangwon-do province and Jangheung-gun respectively.

The programs vary at each festival but water gun fights are free at all three. The water fight at Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival is set to especially fierce, featuring not only water guns and balloons, but also a helicopter hovering around the site to drop water and cannons shooting streams into the sky.

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☞ Water Gun Fight Festival

  Venue: area of Yonsei-ro road in Sinchon

    Period: 10:00-22:00, July 25-26, 2015

    * A 30,000 won package deal including goggles, a sports towel, a drink, a water-proof sealed bag,

       and locker use for a day can be purchased at Changcheon Children’s Park.


☞ Yeongwol Donggang Festival –Water Fun

    Venue: area of the Yeongwol Donggang Festival venue

    Period: July 29 – August 2, 2015 15:00-15:30 (Water Gun Fight)

                July 29 – August 1, 2015 17:30-18:00 (Water Shooting Exercise)

    Website: (Korean only)

☞ Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival – The greatest water fight on earth!

    Venue: Jangheung-Gyo Bridge Parking Lot

    Period: 14:00-15:00, August 1-6, 2015

    Website: (Korean only)

☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)




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