Cinemas in Seoul

Seoul has large cinema chains and multiplexes (CGV, Megabox, Lotte Cinema) and small independent movie houses with one or two screens.

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It is very convenient to purchase the movie tickets in Korea. You can be able to buy it directly by standing in line at the ticket booth.


Or by using the automatic ticket machines.


And you can also use the online reservation system or a cell phone application to reserve your tickets and seats, which is the most convenient way to make sure you and your friends will have tickets.

While you are waiting for the movie to show and have nothing to do, you can play the games to kill time. Yes! There are game machines installed in the Cinema.


Also, the ticket price is pretty comparable to any other countries. Here’s an outline of some basic movie prices for reference:

* Regular movies
Adult: 8,000원 (on Fri, Sat, Sun, and public holidays: 10,000원)
Student: 7,000원
Child: 6,000원
Morning movies: 5,000원
Late night movies (12am-5am): 6,000원

*3D movies
Adult: 13,000원
Student: 10,000원
Morning movies: 8,000원

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