Christmas in Korea!



Today was the first snow in Korea! And it means for me that Christmas is coming and you can feel it even in the air! Everyone is preparing for Christmas, buying some staff and even marts like Daiso are full with Christmas-theme stuff. But was the most recognizable from Christmas? For sure it’s Christmas tree! In Korea, there are not a bunch of original Christmas Tree, but for their citizens, Korea is preparing some Christmas festival with huge Christmas Tree.


Source: Visit Korea

Where? Two main cities Seoul and Busan! In this major cities, where population and amount of tourists are big, you can feel Christmas in more entertainment way. The first is ‘Korea Christmas Festival, which will be held in Seoul, at Seoul Plaza, along with a tree lighting ceremony on November 27. This year, the Christmas tree will be lighted up in blue lines of LED lights and surrounded by LED roses beneath. Seoul Plaza is at City Hall Station. Everything is free because it was made by Korean Government.


Source: Haps Magazine

Also, there is a bigger festival, which is concentrating more on Christmas trees and it will be in Busan. Busan Christmas Tree Festival will start from November 26, at areas around Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street. This year’s festival is themed “Happiness of Birth.  To add a more festive atmosphere, there will be concerts, a tree of wishes, street performances, collecting love coins, a photo and video contest, and much more. As well as Seoul’s festival it’s free and for everyone. It will be near Nampo Station. So, it’s convenience in a case of transportation.


Source: Visit Korea

And one of the most interesting entertainment you can find there is writing your wishes for next year on one of the Christmas tree. Usually couples prefer to write something romantic and it will be one of the most rememberable thing you did with your sweetheart. Koreans believe that if you write something on that tree your wish will come true.


Source: Visit Korea



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