Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a national holiday in Korea which is on May 5th of every year.


“Boy’s Day” was founded in 1923 by  Pang Chong-hwan (writer) who intended to grow national pride and sense of independence in children. Later on in 1975, it was designated as a national holiday and changed the name to be “Children’s Day.”


On Children’s Day, people can rethink about dignity and the rights that all children deserve. With the hectic urban lifestyle of parents, adults may reconsider their children’s need for care and love.


The highlight of Children’s Day does not exclusively fall  on  the children themselves only. Having Confucianism as their cultural and traditional background where the relations and duties of people within a family are emphasized, it is also the day that the children may rethink about their parents’ devotion and contribution to the good life of the children. In other words, parents also should be honored and given importance on this day.


On this day, you can find many events and festivals as parts of Children’s Day activities. You can see Taekwondo show as well as experience Korean traditional games altogether with Korean kids. Also, many parents would dress their children in traditional costumes “Hanbok” to go out for the holiday’s events. Thus, you can also see many Korean children in colorful Hanbok dresses on that day.



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