Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

Photo from Visit KoreaThis Complex for people who wants to see Traditional Korean lifestyles. Besides observing traditional things you can also get healing from this place. It’s total nature and atmosphere here is at its best. It’s located in Chungcheongbuk-do in the center of Korea. It contains a variety of cultural heritages and artifacts that were collected from this region before 1985, the big flood which happened during the construction of Chungjuho Lake. There are more than 2,000 artifacts were collected and now are showing for visitors.


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Here you can also attend a 10 km tour from Multaeri to Jecheon. You will go along crooked road hiking in Kumsusan Mountain. This road will unveil the incredible views of unusual rock formations standing along on the Kumsusan. On The , which is a lantern lighting event and the ceremony for the legendary dragon, on the night before the event. The main events include folk games and athletic games where many villagers and town citizens are participating to fasten the bond of the community. Other hands-on activities include cherry blossom photo shooting competition and a local food tasting where you can taste the delicacies of the region.


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Hanbyeongnu Pavilion (National Treasure No. 528)
The building was a government office that was built during the four-year reign of Chungsuk, king of the Goryeo Dynasty, in celebration of Cheongpung-hyeon becoming Cheongpung-gun, the larger unit of the administrative district.

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The purpose of the building is still unknown, but it had stood side by side on the left side of the Hanbyeongnu Pavilion.

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Geumbyeongheon was previously used as a government office.


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Geumnamru Pavilion
This place was the main gate of Cheongpung Government Office.


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Cheongpung Husalli Old House
The structure of the house resembles the Korean symbol “ㄱ”, facing east-south and having a daecheong, a cool wooden-floor style hall, on the center. On the right side of the daecheong, there are two small bedrooms.
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Yeolliji and yeollimok trees are famous here. If two trees grow in close proximity for a long time, they grow together, which is called yeolli, meaning “inoculation” in Korean.
Stone Standing Buddha
The Stone Standing Buddha has the height of 341cm, the sculptural form when viewed as a whole seems to be found in late into the Unified Silla (10th century). The peaceful face of Buddha was shaped with the chubby cheeks and compassionate gaze in his eyes.

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Cheongpung Hwangseongni Old house
The structure of the house consists of anchae, the main building located at the center and munganchae, the gate section.

Address: 2048, Cheongpungho-ro, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

Fee: 3,000 won for Adults


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