Cheap and Tasty Asian Food! Asia Table!

Do you like Asian food? Wondering where to find more varieties of Asian food more easily? We’ve just found this newly opened Asian food restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul~

What makes Asia Table special is that their menus include popular foods from many different Asian countries~ Isn’t it great to have some nice Thai food and Chinese food at the same time!! Especially when you and your friends happen to have different appetite~

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Asia Table is newly opened just this month! All of the stuffs are so shiny and brand new. Their decorations are also quite cute, some hand-made by the owner herself~ All green decorations really make you feel refreshed everytime you walk through the entrance.

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Inside View of Asia Table

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Hand-made Decorations by the Owner

Asia Table offers typical dishes originally from Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia. Some of their ingredients are also directly brought from these home countries, making the taste much more closer to the original. Menus of different countries are also managed by different chiefs.

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Warm herb tea is offered free as well~

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~~~Malaysian style fried shrimp Wan Tan~~~

Sauce originally from Malaysia!

The Khao Pad Pong Garee Pineapple (Thai style pineapple curry rice) is one of our favourite! The rice is well mixed with all kinds of ingredients including chicken, carrots, fresh pineapple, cashew nuts, grape raisins… And filled in half of a pineapple~ The sweet but not spicy kind of curry tastes really good with a nice smell of pineapple!

File 10-11-15, 6 17 11 PM

Khao Pad Pong Garee Pineapple 

File 10-11-15, 6 19 25 PM

Chicken Kuitieo (Thai style rice noodles) with various flavored sauces

File 10-11-15, 6 19 38 PM

Shrimp Pad Ke-mao (Thai style stir fried)

The restaurant is not a very large one, but we highly recommend their outdoor rooftop!! This garden-like rooftop dining area is perfect for enjoying some great sunshine, or a romantic date anytime! As the weather’s getting chilly, they have a warm stove waiting for you, so no worries~

File 10-11-15, 6 20 26 PM

stairs to the rooftop

File 10-11-15, 6 20 37 PM

File 10-11-15, 6 20 49 PM

Rooftop Outdoor Dining Area

File 10-11-15, 6 21 49 PM

Special authentic foreign foods in Korea used to be quite expensive. However, prices at Asia Table are quite reasonable, from 5,000 won to no more than 20,000 won. Another cheap fine restaurant wroth trying~

File 10-11-15, 6 21 01 PM  File 10-11-15, 6 21 13 PM File 10-11-15, 6 21 24 PM  File 10-11-15, 6 21 36 PM

All menus are in Both Korean and English and with Pictures

Asia Table is located in central Hongdae aera, within 10 mins walk from Subway Line 2 Hongik Univ. Station, 3rd floor of a Korean traditional style house.


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File 10-11-15, 6 22 23 PM

Full View of Asia Table

File 10-11-15, 6 20 03 PM

Location: 3rd floor, 345-20 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (마포구 서교동 345-20)



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