Changnyeong Nakdonggang Youchae Festival is coming

Changnyeong Nakdonggang Youchae Festival From 2017.04.14 ~ 2017.04.18


Changnyeong Nakdong River Rapeseed Festival is an event held in Namji Sports Park and is a famous sightseeing spot of Changnyeong with Changwon Upo Wetland.


The Changnyeong Nakdong River Rapeseed Festival, which is the place to go to Changnyeong with Changwon Upo Wetland, will be held for 5 days from April 14, 2017 to April 18, 2017, in Namjeong Rapid and Namji Sports Park.The festival aims to attract 1.2 million people.

下載The Changnyeong Nakdong River Rapeseed Festival is a festival where the beauty of Nakdong River Rapeseed Complex filled with butterflies and bee flowers is advertised to the whole country and the tourists and local people together enjoy the festival. It is also a festival that has become the representative festival of Changnyeong County, the ruins of history and ecology.


It started in 2006 and gradually becomes a complement to the festival. There are exhibitions such as the Nonghyup products exhibition hall and the Changwon Group public relations center.


The Changchun Nakdong River Rapeseed Festival is full of rape blossoms live performances, insect birds experience hall, exhibition of agricultural products, experience, publicity booth, Naji Railway Bridge, To attract tempestuous people.


The events include the Nakdong River Yongwang Grand Festival, the ceremony and opening ceremony, the walk along the rape blossom, the health walk, the oil healing concert, various contests, and the Bugok Hot Spring Promotion Hall.


The Namji Sports Park, where the Nakdong River Rapeseed Festival is held, is located in Namji-ri, Namji-eup, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do and has various athletic facilities and facilities such as exercise facilities and athletic equipment.


There are soccer field, basketball, inline skating rink, volleyball, football, gateball, and wrestling. Exercise equipment includes sit-ups, sit-ups, wooden bars, waist-spinning, balancing and push- A moving toilet, a picnic table, a chair, and a flat screen.

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From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Changnyeong Intercity Bus Terminal

City Bus
From Changnyeong Intercity Bus Terminal, take Nongeochon Bus bound for Changnyeong-Namji to Namji Bus Stop

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