Cafe Morphean


Cafe Morphean is a cafe in Yeonnam-dong

I like the mood and the famous milky tea,

Best menus are Milk, Viennese Coffee, CANAKLE, PENANG CITY!


At first I do not even know if this is a famous cafe,
SNS was also the hot spots in Yeonnam-dong cafe
It was like a good place to sit and drink coffee in the afternoon
It was lunchtime on weekdays are already taking photos are 2 ~ 3 tables.
I feel comfortable at Yeonnam-dong Cafe
The best-known one is Vienna,Order a cup and ice lattes!
But when I calculated it, I asked if it was any better than Vienna.
“My house is originally famous for latte.”
I just wanted you to have a nice latte, and from that time I started to wonder about the
taste of the latte.
Waiting for a coffee and taking pictures!
Coffee is coffee, but milk tea is also famous.
The showcase is ready to fill underneath
Milk tea is also popular, so many people buy it.
Yeonnam-dong Cafe Morpheus Milk is the name of a woman’s life, Rum & Vanilla
Price is 330ml 5500 won / 500ml 7000 won
And there are some bare curries to the side.
As you can see,
Not only coffee but also baked cookies in milk




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