C-Festival 2017

Winter’s gone, Spring’s coming. May in Korea is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. This May, how about going to C-Festival in Coex?


Source: C-Festival Official website


Source: C-Festival Official website

The C-Festival 2017 is going to start from 3 May to 7 May, and “DREAM” is the theme of this year.  It separated into 3 areas, which are “Dream Theater”, “Dream Garden” and “Dream Agit”.

1.Dream Theater

Source: C-Festival Official website

A lot of performance and parade will be held on the East Square and Yeongdong-daero District. Such as fire dance, large-scale parade, street art show, and concert!

theater_pop1.jpgSource: C-Festival Official website

The title of the main performance large-scale art show is “Symphony of Heaven” this year. The story of the festival on a beautiful day of May to celebrate ideal fantastic world, and it is the expression of “DREAM”, main theme of C-Festival 2017.


2.Dream Garden

C-Festival 2017 has more programs than last year. All of the programs can be found in East Square, East Square Lobby, SMTOWN Square and South Gate Lobby.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF4dn6_pwdw&w=560&h=315]

You can find various food festival in the outdoor area, such as Great Korean Beer Festival and Eat the Seoul!

Source: C-Festival Official website

Here, you can blow your stress by drinking cool beers with friends! Great Korean Beer Festival is the biggest beer festival in Korea. Let’s grab a beer and enjoy the music!

Source: C-Festival Official website

Source: C-Festival Official website

Also, programs for kids are well prepared as well. Dream Adventures, Dream Road and more. You can find the Free Kids Activity Zone in the lobby.


3.Dream Agit

Inside Coex hall, Hall A and B will be the area for Dream Agit.  This area will be held for design and culture exhibition, also for art merchandise sales as well.

Source: C-Festival Official website

C sharp (C#) is one of the main programs of Dream Agit. From 10am to 6pm in Hall A, you can find various of special desserts.

Source: C-Festival Official website

Moreover, there are lots of local designers joining the Seoul Design Festival this year! It is the best place to find unique souvenirs!!

Source: C-Festival Official website

And you can experience to design your own toy in Art Toy Culture Expo as well!

That’s it? No! There are programs that you can find in the C-Festival! If you are coming to Seoul from 3 May to 7 May, DON’T MISS IT!!

Date: 3 May (Wed) ~ 7 May (Sun) 
 Location: COEX, Samsung-dong, Seoul
For More Information: 홈페이지 : www.c-festival.co.kr

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