Buy a train pass and travel Korea like local people~~

Train is a great way to travel Korea, especially for whom wants to visit regional cities and small towns.

Korail (Korea rail) offers few types of rail passes for tourists who want to visit many places during few days, a week or more.

There are few different train types and cabin classes. To see general information about Korail trains, please see following site.

To book regular train tickets, please visit following site.

KTX is well known as a bullet train or express train in Korea. To see or book KR Pass(KTX pass) which you can take any type of trains including KTX, please see following site.

Because KTX stops only few major cities and it is more expensive than other trains, many local travelers buy other passes and enjoy their trip at lower cost.

This post introduces other budget passes such as Rail-ro, Hana-ro and Daso-ni which you can use other trains except KTX. By using these passes, you can get following benefits:
– You can save your money more than buying regular tickets or KTX pass
– You can visit more places where KTX train doesn’t stop

Please see followings for budget train passes.
(note: trains passes are more beneficial when you take train many times during a given period. If you will make only one round trip, regular tickets may be more convenient and cheaper)

Rail-Ro Hana-Ro Daso-Ni
Number of People For 1 person For 1 person For 2 person(There’s no age limit to the accompanied person)
Age limit Under 25 years old(Show your passport) Over 26 years old(Show your passport) Over 26 years old for 1, no limit to the companion.(Show your passport)
Usage For 7 days For 3 days For 3 days

(People usually stay 1~2 days in 1 province.)

Price KRW 56,500 KRW 56,000 KRW 89,000

(Without rail pass, average one-way fee from one province to another province: KRW 25,000)

Available Train Saemaul train, Mugunghwa train, Nuriho. (KTX is not available)
Period You can buy Rail-Ro only in Summer/Winter Vacation(Usually June ~ August, December ~ February) Open year-round, except Korean Traditional holidays.(Korean Traditional holidays: 3~4days in February and October)
How to Use With this rail pass, you can use any train (except KTX) in any station for free. The seat is not reserved for you, so you need to use the standing seats or free seating cabin (Saemaul train only, #5 cabin of any Samaul train). But If the train is not crowded and there’s a lot of empty seat, you can have a seat!
Where to buy Online homepage: (Korean only, English not available)So, you’d better buy it n person at the train station. (Not subway station)

– “Rail-Ro” for those who….

If you are under 25, traveling in vacation time and planning to visit Korea for long period, Rail-Ro is really recommendable. It’s the most economical free pass in Korea. People usually use Rail-Ro when they are planning to go more than 3~4 provinces and spend 6~7 days. If you are planning to visit Korea more than 10 days, after spending 4~5 days in Seoul, you might certainly want to go further than Seoul. In that case, this pass will help you see various cities outside Seoul. Also, you can get discount in some accommodations like guesthouse, restaurants, museum, and entrance fee of tour sites with Rail-ro ticket.

– “Hana-Ro” for those who….

If you are over 26, traveling alone or with friends or family, and want to see more provinces outside Seoul, Hana-Ro pass is most commonly used pass. Since Hana-Ro is only for 3days, you might visit at most 2~3 provinces with this pass. If you are planning to visit Korea for about 7 days, after spending 4~5 days in Seoul, you can choose 2~3 province outside Seoul and go there with this pass. Even though you choose only 2 provinces outside Seoul, using this pass is more economical because average one way fee for one province to another province is around KRW25,000.

– “Daso-ni” for those who….

If you are over 26, traveling with companion, Daso-ni is recommendable. It’s especially recommendable for those who are traveling with a lot of people in their group. It’s economical when 2 people use this pass together. Same as Hana-Ro, with this pass you can only choose at most 2~3 provinces outside Seoul.
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