Brands’ generation

Nowadays brands are slightly coming in our life. 40 or 50 years ago no one knew such words like Nike, North Face or Samsung. Think about for example Apple. For generation X that was more about fruits rather than the biggest company in the world. Even if you’ll try to find information about apple, the very first thing surely will be Apple co.

Top 10

As you can see now Apple is number one among the most valuable brands in the world. Nike and Starbucks were in top 10, but when their CEOs Phil Knight and Howard Schultz respectively stepped down leading those companies, their brands stumbled. And in that list we still have Samsung, which is not doing well in smartphones but still is the best among electronic productions. Let see how brand is becoming greater than others. There are several factors which is influence on that. First is well known advertising. As you can see this is advertisement of Apple’s iPod.


They did an innovation, they started using first white earphones and to emphasize this they did on black shadows of people. This is why this advertisement became very popular and useful for Apple. Also this Uniqueness’ of Apple makes it greater. Another factor is consistency of innovations, in which Google is great example. Google makes innovations every year, creating and improving services, makes them more comfortable and useful for costumers. And the last factor is how your company is global. And in this McDonalds is really good example of being global brand. It has more than 35.000 stores in 119 countries, providing the same food taste and quality, which makes McDonalds worldwide company.

In Korea Top 10 Brands are Samsung, LG, Hyundai, GS Caltex, SK Group, Kia Motors, KB Financial Group, Daewoo, SHINSEGAE and KT. And, I think these brands are well-known for every people in Korea, because they are in our everyday life. And as conclusion I want to say that Brand does not guarantee you quality and when you buy something you should consider another factors rather than Brand name or Brand’s logo.



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