6 Reasons why you should book Airport Transfer in Korea

Why book an Airport Transfer in Korea?

When you land in Korea, how do you plan to travel from airport to hotel? Save money, time, hassle and trouble with airport transfer in Korea. Book in advance Indiway’s quality-assured, affordable, convenient airport transfer!
You may ask

Who needs to book airport transfers in advance in the era of Uber and Grab?

But Korea has neither… AND taxi scams are in every city, prying on foreigners! I once paid $100 for a normally-$40-ride from Chicago O’Hare airport to downtown. I speak perfect English but couldn’t stop the driver from scamming me after checking it’s my first time to the city from a friendly chat.
Don’t risk this, just book in advance. It will come in handy especially if you have larger group, family or heavy luggage.

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1. LOW price (Distance-based)

Our airport transfer in Korea uses distance-based system to calculate the best, reasonable price to go to your hotel. Unlike zone pricing other companies usually use, you only pay up to your hotel.

2. Know exactly how much

You don’t have to worry about taxis scamming you. Taxi scams can happen to any traveler in any country. (I got scammed in Chicago, US when I revealed it’s my first time there) Plus, knowing exactly how much to pay, gives you peace of mind.

3. Flight delays are perfectly ok!

Our drivers smartly wait for you after checking flight arrival status with their smartphone app.

4. No more hassle of luggage and public transportation

Once you meet the driver, sit back and relax. Taking care of your luggage, family while trying to figure out your way through the local transportation system is exhausting. No more of that! The driver will be your first handy assistant you meet in Korea. Now you can focus more on your family, sim card, wifi, etc.

5. Informative Vouchers prepared for you

You will receive detailed vouchers, driver’s information via email and sms. From our 5 years of experience, we’ve prepared everything you will need.

6. Excellent service quality, responsible support

Indiway is strict on quality assurance. If driver is late for pickup without contact, which almost never happens, we make sure you are happy by providing another free ride. We do this because we ourselves, understand the anxiety when anything goes wrong on a trip.

Book Indiway’s Airport Transfer in Korea on your next trip to Korea. Available in all major airports in Korea (Incheon, Gimpo, Gamhae, Jeju)
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