Bongpyeong: a Place of Buckwheat Poem

Bongpyeong: a Place of Buckwheat Poem


Bongpyeong is renowned for the exquisite place of buckwheat food. At the entrant of the village, visitors can see a sculpture of buckwheat noodles as a welcoming symbol. Inside the village you can find several buckwheat food restaurant lined up. There are more than 40 restaurants that has served buckwheat food throughout the year.


It has been said that the best quality buckwheat is usually grown in cold and high altitude area, where Bongpyeong provides exact environment. This is why Buckwheat in Bongpyeong is considered to be the best quality and taste. Every part of buckwheat, from fresh sprouts to dried shells, can be used for cooking in various dishes.

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Many people usually know about buckwheat foods in the type of noodles menu. Apart from buckwheat noodles which is the signature delicacy of Bongpyeong, one of the must-eat delicacies here is “Memil Jeon byeong” or buckwheat crepe with various kind fillings, including Kimchi. There are many kind of foods made of buckwheat that visitors should not miss in Bongpyeong, such as; memil baechujeon (pancake with buckwheat and cabbage), memil muk (buckwheat jelly), memil muk machin(buckwheat jelly salad), memil muk bap (rice with buckwheat jelly soup), or even memil makgeolli (buckwheat wine).


More than delicious taste, Buckwheat is considered as a “cooling food” which can lower temperature of body, and help treating bowel movement. Buckwheat contains more minerals and vitamins than rice and wheat, and is abundant of protein which helps preventing aging.

In September, one of the most attractions in Bongpyeong is the beauty of Buckwheat fields when the Buckwheat flowers are blooming all around the mountain area. The scenery of Blossom Buckwheat field was beautifully transferred in to the popular poem as

All mountain area is covered with buckwheat fields, and the fully blooming of Buckwheat flowers are just breathtaking, looking like salt sprinkled under soft and tender moonlight

This phrase is from “When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom” written by Lee Hyo Seok, one of the most famous Korean writers, living during 1907-1942, who was born in Bongpyeong. In every September, “Hyoseok Cultural Festival” is held as annual event in Bongpyeong to commemorate Lee Hyo Seok and his popular novel “When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom” which can be considered as the connection between human life and beauty of nature, especially in Bongpyeong, which appears frequently in his novels. The festival presents various programs such as poem exhibition, literature night, Hyo Seok essay contest, the experience of buckwheat foods cooking and many more activities.

Therefore, visitors to Bongpeyeong can enjoy not only the delicious of Buckwheat food menus, but also literally digest of the poem of Lee Hyo Seok at the same time.


Visitors can reach Bongpyeong which is located in Pyeongchang,  Gangwondo province by taking an intercity bus to Jangpyeong intercity Bus Terminal, and take a local bus to Bongpyeong (local bus is scheduled to run between 17.35-18.55 (13 times/day).


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