Bingsu  is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and cereal flakes. It is often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Bingsoo very popular in Korea in the summer and can be found in almost every café. Lets check Best 7 and unique  Bingsoo in Korea!

Jajangbingsoo at OZ Cafe, Incheon

Jajangbingsu is one of unique bingsoo.for everyone whos know  with korean-styled chinese blackbean noodle or jjajangmyun in this cafe you will found the jjajangmyeon bingsu. This bingsoo are made from shaved ice and ice cream topped with red bean or chocopaste  . This bingsoo price is around 8900 won.

Adress: Cafe OZ, 21-19 Donghwamaeul-gil Jung-gu Incheon



TtongBingsoo at Seomun Market Daegu

Another unique Bingsoo is TtongBingsoo from in Daegu. Ttong in korea is mean “p**P” . So this bingsoo shape is similiar with P**P.The topped usually with ice cream or frozen yogurt,but for this bingsoo using churos for the topping top.

Address: MR.Cafe ,Seomun Market, South Korea, Daegu, Jung-gu,Daesindong 115-378 2 Jigu, Underground 1 floor, No 138

대구 중구 대신동 115-378 2지구 지하 1층 138호




Bibimbap Bingsoo at Flat Slipper Jeonju’s

If you visit Jeonju hanok village dont forget to try Bibimbap Bingsoo.  Chopped fruits, nuts, and corn flakes simulate what would normally be bibimbap’s vegetable portions, and on top, where a partially cooked egg traditionally rests, an egg-shaped orange and yogurt jelly caps things off. This dessert dish runs around 12,000 won and can shared among 2-4 people.

Address: 55-2 Gosa-dong Wansan-gu Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do



Dinosaur Egg Chocolate Ice Flakes at DALA ,Busan

The aptly named DALA 100% CHOCOLATE cafe in Busan, South Korea, has been getting a lot of attention recently for a recent addition to its menu The chocolate dinosaur egg. The shell is made of chocolate, there’s chocolate ice cream inside, and it all rests on top of a bed of shaved chocolate ice. This Bingsoo price is 11000KRW.

Address: DALA, (Level 2) 400-2 Simgok 2-dong Wonmi-gu Bucheon

달아, 부천시 원미구 심곡동 400-2 2층


Mango Coconut Bingsoo at Mango Holic ,Jeju

For Mango lover who visit Jeju, you should try this unique Bingsoo. As name this bingsoo full or mango slice. And the top of Bingsoo using coconut. One portion for Mango Coconut Bingsoo around 13000 won.
Address: Mango Holic, 83 Maksukpo-ro Seogwipo Jeju

망고홀릭, 제주도 서귀포시 막숙포로 83

Coconut Bingsu at Bubbas Like Coco ,Busan

Another unique Bingsoo in Busan is Coconut Bingsu. This Bingsu served by Bubbas like Coco store in Busan. The taste is really sweet with soft coconut topping.

Address: 해운대구 마린시티3로 51 (마린시티점)

contact:+82 51-744-8887


 Macaron Bingsu at Reve Cafe Anyang

This elegan Bingsoo served by Cave Reve,Anyang. As name,this bingsoo really full of sweet macarons with different colour. One portion for this Bingsoo is 9500KRW.Wanna try?
Address: Cafe Reve, 674-116 Anyang 1-dong Manan-gu Anyang




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