Authentic Korean Experience- Soy Sauce Shrimp!

 Soy Sauce Shrimp- a unique Korean experience in Hongdae!

Last year we published a post on facebook about  soy sauce marinated crab, or  간장개장  in Korean. A popular dish that is called a “rice robber” because it makes you eat lots of rice, today we would like to share something similar, but almost more delicious! Soy Sauce Shrimp!

Soy sauce shrimp ( 간장새우)  is a dish made out of large prawns marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and other special spices. It tastes good by itself, or cut in small pieces and mixed with hot steaming rice! It tastes delicious no matter what the season, and especially more so if you request that they deep fry the shrimp heads! As our most popular destination is Hongdae, we would like to share one soy sauce shrimp place we highly recommend! It is near Hongik University, but much easier to reach if you happen to exit from Sangsu or Habjeong station.

Hongdae Food and Dessert Google Map

(Pssst, we’ve added the Pro Gangjang Saewoo as another layer on our googlemap featuring our Hongdae desserts! Why not kill two birds with one stone and eat something savory and sweet!)

Pro Ganjang Saewoo is located in between Habjeong and Sangsoo station, and is part of a famous and popular chain in Korea! It is a very small store and only opens after 5.00pm, so be sure to go for dinner! On a weekend it gets crowded from about 6.30, but don’t worry! The wait is worth it!


It is a small restaurant with lots of tables, and also pictures of the foods on the wall! The menu is only in Korean, but you can pick and choose from the wall if you like! 


Menu (only in Korean!) Highly recommended is the Soy Sauce Shrimp- and also they deep fry the heads for you at 2,000 extra if you want! A plate of Soy Sauce Shrimp is 23,000 won, and a bowl of rice is 1,000 won! It is enough for two people to share, and if you order additional items, you can probably share it between 3! 


Adorable Artwork on the wall- look at the poor shrimp!  Do you think the artist is cruel for making the shrimp eat itself?


Tada! The shrimp comes cut in three pieces, and there are 8 in total- be careful though, because the shell is still on the shrimp! Be sure to spit out the shell!


The soy sauce marinated shrimp comes with chopped up green papers and other garnish! You can just eat the shrimp by itself, mixed with rice OR you can peel it, and eat it with the green garnish and the seaweed!

You can also wrap it in the seaweed if you want! 


Eating too much shrimp might not be very healthy for your cholesterol, so what about trying some other dishes? Maybe eggs and salad with creamy dressing isn’t healthier, but it is a perfect balance to the sweet, salty, chewy shrimp! This large portion of Korean style omelette with kimchi and cheese is 15,000 won, 


Ta-da~ Look at the empty plate! The sauce is not very salty, and it tastes really good with the rice! 

Once you are done with dinner, what should you eat for dessert? What about checking out some dessert cafes in Hongdae? Check out one of our blog posts with some recommendations!

Hongdae Dessert Tour

Hongdae Food and Dessert Google Map

Have you tried Soy Sauce Marinated shrimp before? What is your favorite Korean food?


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