Antique cafe Lareine at Hongdae Yoennam-dong

A very elegant and gorgeous French style antique cafe located at Yeonnam-dong. 

There are lots of pretty and unique cafes at Yeonnam-dong. You can find various brilliant cafes with magnificent interior and great coffee and desserts here! 😻 Cafe lareine (라헨느) is a cafe in the morning and will change to a bar at night! 😆👍🏻

The cafe is not big, there are totally 5 tables only but the interior of the cafe is marvelous and the atmosphere is also great for having a chitchat with friends and family. 😁😁

There are lots of beautiful tea pots and tea cups as decorations! ❤❤When you are ordering tea, it will be coming out with pretty tea pot! 💕

There are different kinds of coffee and tea as well as alcohol and ade😋

Coffee: Americano, espresso, shakerato, affogato, Vienna coffee with sweetened condensed milk, Dutch coffee, cafe latte, cafe mocha, cafe latte with sweetened condensed milk

Non coffee: choco latte, green tea latte, blueberry latte

Tea: strawberry tea, grapefruit tea, lemon tea, lime tea

Black tea: earl gray, wedding imperial, Marco Polo, milk tea 

Ade: raspberry ade, lemonade, cherry berry ade

Alcohol: beer, sangria, Vin chaud, cocktail 

Highly recommend strawberry tea!! It tastes really really good! Other than drinks, they also have desserts🤤 cheesecake, raspberry cake and waffle. 

If you are a lover of antique things, you must not miss this pretty cafe at Yeonnam-dong! 


Cafe Lareine 

Address: 서울 마포구 연남동 384-11

Opening: 12:00-23:00 (closed on Tuesday )

Directions: Subway line 2, Hongdae station, Exit 3


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