An Ultimate Guide to the Petite France Korea

If you are a fan of K-drama, you will know this famous shooting location, Petite France!

Petit France is a French cultural village, consisting of French-style beautiful buildings, like a village in the Alps. The person who created the Petit France was fascinated by the French culture that is romantic and artistic. In 2008, the first French theme park was born which concept is blooming flowers, shining stars, and the famous character, little prince. Till now, more than 1 million visitors come here per year. Let’s check how amazing the place is!

Petite France (쁘띠프랑스)  Official Website (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Price: Adult 10,000 won / Teenager 8,000 won / Child 6,000 won

Hours: 09:00~18:00 (No holidays!)

Address: 1063, Hoban-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeonGapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do 12456, South Korea



Just next to the main gate, we could see convenience stores and food stands. Therefore, if you finish visiting, you could eat something outside. The petit France do not allow food from outside.

There is a cute petit prince statue standing at the main gate, welcoming us. After entering the gate, we could freely get the brochure in different languages. They also offer wheelchairs and lockers for people who need. You could read the map before exploring this amazing place. Don’t be afraid of getting lost, It’s not that wide. Pets are not allowed to enter. Also, they serve the wifi zone inside.
Then you could see these colorful buildings. Here is the famous picture taking-spot. We could say that if you didn’t take a picture here, it seems that you have not been to Petit France! If it’s a sunny day when visiting, the buildings’ color would be much clearer and beautiful. Don’t forget to take a photo 🙂
There is a square in the middle of the Petit France. According to the schedule, some puppetry performances would be held. All performances in the Petit France are free. Visitors could freely enjoy the shows they are interested.
There are some pathways people could take a walk, perceiving nature and greens. Even in the hot summertime, wind blowing here could ease our tense and nerves. The Petit France is the middle of mountains so the views are so awesome.
Visiting here with friends or family is a really great idea. Not only taking photos of each other, your relationship could be strongly connected with happiness and joyfulness. In my opinions, Spring or Summer seasons are the best because of blooming flowers and green plants. Besides, the weather is comfortable.
Walking in nature is so peaceful and calm. Youn could take many photos as you want and choose the best one to upload your SNS account, leaving a memorable trip experience.
The popular photo taking-spot is here! The Petit Prince theme background. One is outside the building while the other is in the building. The Effer tower is a hot photo taking-spot as well.
If you are tired and want to eat or drink something, they also serve foods. You could buy some coffees and take a rest for a while.
Also, the souvenirs are needed! Let’s go to their gift shops. There are many of the Petit Prince related gifts. The postcard costs only 1,000 won. Why not sending to your friends or family, they would be delightful.
There are many buildings could be entered. Different themes are shown. For example, one room introduces that the Petit France is shown in the famous dramas, “Secret Garden”, “My Love from the Star”, or in entertainment TV show, “Running man”.  The direction inside is clear and let’s go building inside to see how French village interior.
Old vintage items of furniture from France are exhibited in the room. Visitors could appreciate the masterpieces of artists in the exhibition. The furniture is so delicate and nice!
In the end, there are some travel tips for you when you visit the Petit France.
– At the main gate, there are some food stands and CU convenience store.
– Many stairs are in the Petit France. Hence, people might feel tired a little bit.
– There are many beautiful scenes there. Be sure to bring your camera.

Hope you could enjoy your trip to the Petit France!

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