An exhibition which let you listen— RYUICHI SAKAMOTO「Life,Life」in Seoul

Japanese famous world-class music master— RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, he is a composer, arranger, and performer, or like my impression of him, the master of the film soundtrack. In May of this year, he exhibited a new exhibition 「Life,Life」 in “Piknic”.

This year is the 40th anniversary of RYUICHI SAKAMOTO’s debut. This exhibition not only has his representative works, such as “Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence” in “Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence” and “Rain” in “The Last Emperor”. His also collaborations with Korean artists. as well as visual works combining sound and video.
Follow the instructions down the stairs can see the entrance to the exhibition hall.

In 2014, he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. After he was anti-cancer in 2017, as he promised, he returned to music creation and released a new album “async”. This album features common everyday sounds, such as The sound of running water, rain, branches and stones, or the sound of walking on fallen leaves. The album “async” combines the sounds found in these lives with music, and the exhibition can also see his creative and creative process.

There is also a special experience activity like this in the exhibition, so that the viewers lie flat on the ground, the light and shadow changes above match the background music, and the thoughts are laid out to focus on the feeling of sight and hearing.

At the end of the exhibition, the top floor also provides 「Life,Life」 products and RYUICHI SAKAMOTO’s album for sale, and the Piknic rooftop lounge area, you can see the Nanshan Tower also provides comfortable seats and can rest here, for the exhibition also has service provides renting Sennheiser for listening earmuffs for classical music in here. You can enjoy the scenery and the music of RYUICHI SAKAMOTO.

Since you come to Piknic, you can also enjoy coffee in the cafe on the first floor, or in the evening, it will become a bar and restaurant.


There is a small shop to go around as well.

notice! because due to copyright issues involved. the film exhibition area on the first floor is completely forbidden to take photographs. The latter exhibition is forbidden to recordings with sounds. The exhibition is coming to an end. If during this period you’re in Korea do not miss「Life,Life」.


Exhibition time until October 14, 2018 Tickets 15,000 won
Add:30, Toegye-ro 6ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

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