Amazing Myeongdong Street Food!

Let’s go eat at Myeongdong!

We saw this super interesting article in Korean (Original Article) about some new and affordable street food in Myeongdong, and we had to share it with our readers!

Myeongdong is  a very popular shopping destinaton and close to other tourist attractions, and sometimes you don’t have enough time to actually go into a restaurant to eat! If you are looking for fast, delicious and CHEAP fast food, what about checking out the street stalls?


The map is in Korean but basically (6) and (7) is Euljiro Station exit 6 and 7! Exit from exit 6 and go straight down, and you will reach the beginning of the street! The first stand you will find is the Fried Banana Stand!


Looking for a nice snack, but something that will carry you over? What about something that is so appropriate for the year of the Monkey? This Fried Banana stall is famous and delicious!

A hot piping dish that is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside? You can also get a lot of different types of toppings also!


Fried Banana: 3,000 won



Looking for something savory that you can carry around and eat? What about some fried octopus? This stand is hard to miss with the huge fake octopus, and the smell is delicious! If you cannot find it by the attractive stand, maybe you can find it by the smell!


Fried Octopus: 3,000 won


Tteokgalbi is kind of like Korean meatball, but normally it is not sold round and on a skewer! Here however, they have combined it in a very easy to eat form, and so you can carry it around and enjoy with you!

What we also love is the addictive sauce you can pour all over it! It tastes amazing, but please be careful because it an be quite hot!


Tteokgalbi Meatball: 3,000 won


One more banana themed stall, but completely different! This place is actually called “Magical Crepe” and it has its own facebook page (talk about organized!) and it is a delicious nutella and banana crepe stand!

It doesn’t have to be dessert, because frankly we could eat two for a meal!


Nutella Crepe: 4,000 won


A Jjajangmyeon stand?? Now we have seen everything! This place takes the most simple and ultimate flavours of jjajangmyeon and prepares it in front of you!

If you need more than a few skewers to satiate your appetite, this is a great place to experience some Korean-Chinese cuisine, and also fill your belly!


Jjajangmyeong: 3000 won


Did you know Koreans love cheese? We do! This is actually a grilled cheese stand! It is not  a very strong smelling cheese so it is easy to eat and delicious, especially in the cold weather! Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, who doesn’t love some hot cheese for a snack?


Grilled Cheese: 3,000 won


Croissant Taiyaki!There are many places that sell this variation (you can probably find this in the basement of many department stores also) the most famous being the taiyaki who went to France, but this place is delicious and  a great way for you to try this Korean “fusion” dish in the middle of your busy shopping day!

Taiyaki is the Japanese word for the fish shaped bread filled with hot red bean, in Korean we call is Fish Bread- but somehow it does not translate as well into English!


Croissant Taiyaki: 3,000 won


Last but not least, this is not Korean food, but sometimes you need something a bit more exotic, familiar and delicious! So what about trying this great Potato Croquette from Latin America?

This is a deep fried potato croquette that has been stuffed, covered in 3 kinds of sauce! It is also super affordable, so we recommend ordering one and trying it out, and if you like it, ordering more!


Potato Croquette with Salchipapa : 2,500 won

Shopping? Check!

Sight seeking? Check!

Now Street Food? Double Check!

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