Amazing Korean Restaurant in Itaewon- 중심

Itaewon’s secretly famous restaurant, Jung-shim

A couple of weeks ago we posted on Instagram one of our favorite restaurant dish photos, and received so many likes that we knew we would have to focus on this wonderful restaurant in more detail!

Located in between Itaewon and Noksapyong station, there are actually two restaurants right across from each other owned by the same owner! However, Jung-shim is older, and a little bit more casual. We prefer this place because it feels like home, and because it seems more intimate and original!

Check out the location on googlemap here!

The menu is located on the wall, and most dishes are between 7,000~15,000 won. The portions are pretty filling, so for two we recommend two dishes! There are many wonderful items on the menu, but we thought we should show you a couple of the most famous items!

Jung-shim is famous for their 칼국수, which is the hand cut noodles in seafood soup! However the one served here is very unique because it isn’t white, but different colors! If you don’t know what to order, think about the items we will propose- or ask the waiters! There are times when they have very special items that are not on the menu, and we have never been disappointed!

The tables are quite small, and there is a very intimate feel to the restaurant, which is great! Water is self service from the bottle on the table, and the two containers contain radish and hard radish kimchi for you to eat! You use the tongs to portion out a section on a side plate!

 칼국수 사라다

The first item on the menu that is famous, is hand cut noodle salad! It is the noodles served cold in salad form with lettuce, peeled tomatoes, almonds and other nuts, and served with a sauce made out of black sesame seeds! It is sweet, savory, and full of nuance due to the black sesame sauce, and while it might not look like much, it is very, very delicious!

They bring it to your table without the sauce and then drizzle it in front of you, so that you can control the quantity!

Soysauce Marinated Shrimp

Soy sauce marinated shrimp! This is a very famous and popular dish at the restaurant, and is actually raw shrimp that has been marinated in soy sauce! it is tangy, spicy, salty, and savory, and comes with hot rice with an egg. What you do is cut up the shrimp and mix it with the rice, and use some more of the soy sauce!

This is DELICIOUS!! and by far one of our favorite dishes!

Photos Courtesy of FTSParty


Handcut noodles in green, white and yellow, it comes with a slightly spicy and tangy seafood broth filled to the brim with clams! This is their real signature dish- which is why so many dishes here use the hand cut noodles, and also use the clams in many other dishes!

This is a very large portion, so if you go with two people we highly recommend you share one and then order another exciting dish!

Local Tip: order the 꼬마김밥 which is the teeny tiny kimbabs you see in the picture above to stave your hunger while you wait for the other food!

They also have deep fried clams, which is not on the menu, and tastes AMAZING piping hot!

So what do you think? What about visiting one of BnBHero’s favorite restaurants?

Hours: 11:00~21:00

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