Amazing Kimbap Place, Teacher Kim


Not sure whether you’ve ever heard this Kimbap place before, but next time, when you come to Korea and craving for a kimbap, here is the most recommended option.


Made by honest people, honest mind and honest ingredients. Teacher Kim they show their honest to customers, and win the customers trust and reputation back.


Different from the traditional Kimbap place, the environment of Teacher Kim is really clean, bright and as they use the real ingredients to make the food, so maybe you will think the price is a little bit higher than other kimbap places, but trust me, their Kimbap is totally worth that price!


They got different kinds of kimbap, such as spicy sauce kimbap, cream cheese kimbap, fried shrimp or squid kimbap, grilled pork kimbap, tuna kimbap and chicken kimbap.


Besides Kimbap, they also sell bowl of rice topped with beef or pork for you to choose! As well as dumplings, noodles and some seasonal meals.




You can easily find Teacher Kim stores in Seoul, to know more about Teacher Kim, you can visit their website: (Korean version only)

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