Amazing Beef + Pork Alternative- Lamb Skewers!

Looking for an amazing beef and pork alternative?

Try Korea’s famous lamb skewers!

 Lamb Skewer


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Have you tried lamb skewer (양꼬치) in Korea yet? It is a great alternative meat for meat eaters who don’t consume beef and pork, and just simply a great ‘must try’ option!

Although it is technically a Chinese dish (most restaurants that serve lamb skewers in Korea will be Chinese restaurants, or simple Korean barbecue restaurants) it has been “Koreanized” through the use of flavours and cooking preparation! Today at BnBHero, we would like to introduce this amazing dish and suggest some great places where you can try it yourself!


Photos Courtesy of Stella

Although it can seem intimidating at first, you cook it yourself over some hot coal! Depending on what kind of restaurant you go it, it might simple look like the picture above, or it might actually have rotating grills so it will cook automatically! As it cooks, pay close attention to the meat and make sure you rotate it so that it cooks evenly!

Normally you will place half the skewers facing one side, half facing the other so that everyone can help rotate the meat- otherwise one person will be doing all the work!


Photos Courtesy of Stella

This is an example of the typical side dishes you might get- what is the raw garlic for? Once you finish the lamb and have an empty stick, skewer the garlic and roast it over the hot coal! It tastes amazing- go on, try it!


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Once it is done cooking, eat it right away- the juicy meat and burst of flavor tastes best when it is hot- and although you might be very hungry, we recommend that you don’t cook everything in one go! Lamb meat can dry out very quickly, and it doesn’t taste half as good when it gets hard.


Photos Courtesy of ysmlovelove

Most lamb skewer places have different ‘flavors’ of lamb, which is just the same lamb skewer rubbed with different spices! We recommend you get a mix to see which you prefer- usually they have plan, teriyaki, curry, and something a bit more spicy! 🙂 We Koreans are addicted to spicy food after all!


Photos Courtesy of ysmlovelove

We don’t know what goes inside their secret dipping sauce, but it tastes amazing! It is not spicy (despite the color) and we recommend you experience with the different types of lamb skewer and sauce until you figure out what your perfect combination is!


Photos Courtesy of ysmlovelove

Most restaurants also sell other dishes alongside their lamb skewers!

So what about giving lamb skewers a try?

Seoul’s Famous Lamb Skewer Street!


(Click to enlarge the map!)

In Seoul, there is an entire street near Konkuk University that is known as “Lamb Skewer Street”! The map above shows the location of the street (the red arrow), and it is approximately 2-3 blocks away from exit 5 and 6 of “Konkuk University Station” (Line 2!).

If you are looking for some diversity and sightseeing, we recommend that you visit this district! Most university districts have alot of interesting shops, restaurants, and activities- after all, Korean students love to play!

Or what about famous restaurant chain, ShimYang?


Photos Courtesy of travelholic

Shimyang is a famous restaurant chain in Kora located in many different parts! They have many other items on the menu, and we highly recommend the mapotofu, as well as Korean noodles- they taste amazing and are a great way to enhance the flavour of the lamb skewers!

We highly recommend that you call in advance, especially to the one near Apgujeong Rodeo station, because sometimes it can be very, very packed!

lamb6 lamb7

Photos Courtesy of travelholic


서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 230-2  Phone Number: 02-795-9214

(Click map to enlarge)


서울특별시 송파구 백제고분로9길 48 Phone Number: 02-3432-7262

(Click map to enlarge)

This one is in Apgujeong near Apgujeong Rodeo Station, and is the most famous! If you have a choice, visit this one! It is also near some amazing shopping, and drinking establishments! We (this BnBHero writer) even got to see many amazing celebrities at this location!


서울특별시 마포구 독막로9길 43 Phone Number: 02-324-9212

(Click map to enlarge)

We recommend this one because it is near Hongdae, but actually between Hongik University Station and Hapjeong Station- where most of our readers like to visit!

So what about it?

Are you considering trying out our famous lamb skewers?


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