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Autumn in South Korea is a magical time, when hues of burning crimsons, gentle brows and vibrant oranges burst on the scene. Koreans enjoy special seasonal cuisine, like rice cakes called songpyeon, and street food vendors serve piping-hot chestnuts and mouthwatering sweet pancakes. The persimmon, the symbol of autumn in Korea, is dried to make sujeonggwa, a punch blended with ginger and cinnamon. Nowhere else is autumn more vivid than in the national parks, which transform into wonderlands of colors beginning late September and into October. Here are 6 national parks known for their fall foliage that you can visit on a simple day trip from Seoul with BnbHero.  

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Take a convenient day tour with transportation, entrance tickets and language covered by BnBHero! Photo by Asmey_8

With BnBHero, access to these parks is just a convenient coach ride from the city center.

Ordinarily, figuring out how to get to these areas can be tricky by yourself, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Korea’s public transportation system, roads or language. Our guides will take you straight to the autumn leaves, so you have more time to admire them at leisure.

Note: All BnBHero tours include Transportation, Entrance fee (where applicable), English and Chinese speaking staff, Breakfast (Bread or Gimbap) and a bottle of water.


Odaesan National Park

One of the larger parks in South Korea, Odaesan is located on the east coast about 2.5 hours from Seoul. BnBHero will drive you to the entrance at the beautiful Woljeongsa Temple—well-known filming site for the popular Korean Drama Goblin (Dokkaebi)—then leave you at liberty to wander among the multitude of leaves. Explore the foothills of the great Mt. Odaesan, with its five majestic peaks. The park has the largest natural woods in the country, so don’t be surprised to glimpse many wild animals such as boars, musk deer, turtledoves and woodpeckers. A popular vacation site year-round, the campers and visitors gather here around mid-October to see the stunning Nuncheunkbaek and Yew forests.


Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan is a magical place no matter when you go, but autumn is when it truly shines. Located in the northeastern edge of South Korea, the park is extremely popular in October, and boasts amazing views, rugged peaks, numerous trails and several historic sites. Visit the Baekdamsa Temple, whose heritage traces back to the Silla period (57 b.c.e. – 935 c.e.). Hike up a steep flight of 800 steps to Ulsanbawi, a massive granite peak with a breathtaking panoramic view that makes the effort all worth it. In the park you’ll also find deep valleys, white cascades, colossal peaks, and crystal-clear pools—truly stunning against the backdrop of fiery autumn foliage. BnBHero guide will escort you to Mt. Seorak to explore among the many trails.


Songnisan National Park

Granite peaks, thick forests and Buddhist icons stand out along Songnisan National Park, one of Korea’s most beautiful sites. Tucked away in the Sobaeksanmaek Mountains, Mt. Songnisan shelters the Cheongdongmireukbul, at 33 meters the tallest Buddha in the world. Your BnBHero guide will escort you to Beopjusa Temple, home to national treasures and Buddhist monuments dating back nearly 1,500 years. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy the lush autumnal scenery, changing the landscape into a glowing fairyland.


Daedunsan Provincial Park

Daedunsan is a challenging landscape, with rocky crags and iconic peaks that loom above a sea of red and orange maple leaves. To climb Mt. Daedunsan, visitors can cross over the Geumgang suspension bridge that hangs over a deep ravine 300 meters above sea level.

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300 meters above sea level is a bit frightful, but in a good way! Photo taken by Asmey_8
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Stunning shot from Daedunsan Provincial Park by Asmey_8

It’s a hair-raising feat, especially thrilling on a windy days as the bridge sways from side to side!But not to worry, your BnB Guide will escort you to a much easier way—the cable car. After admiring the autumn leaves at leisure, we’ll hike down the mountain, as downhill is more forgiving. With its gray spires surrounded by fiery reds, Daedunsan’s landscape is one of the most photogenic and memorable in all of Korea.


Deogyusan Provincial Park

Mt. Deogyusan is an impressive park just 3 hours from Seoul. It boasts temples, relics, a fortress and a ski resort popular in winter. But Fall is still one of the prettier seasons, thanks to the abundant maple and yew trees that information Deogyusan with a shimmering display of colors. With your BnBHero guide, you’ll visit the iconic Cheonil Waterfalls, Songnisan Observatory, and the Anguksa Temple, built in 1227 along the Sanjeong Lake.


Naejangsan National Park

The radiant Naejangsan is legendary when it comes to Fall Foliage, receiving over 1 million visitors each autumn. Countless travelers flock to its trails to enjoy the season in full glory: vivid crimson leaves, 600-year-old nutmeg trees, the famous Dodeok Falls. Your BnBHero guide will lead you on the paths to Naejangsa Temple, said to have been built by the Buddhist monk Yeongeunjosa in the year 636. There are around 760 local species of fauna, designated Natural Monuments, and various wild animals living in the park, all blanketed by the thick, blazing fall foliage. The name Naejang means “many secrets” in Korean, alluding to a rumor that there’s something hidden in the mountains. Why not see the secrets for yourself?


Memorable Korean Autumn Foliage Random Tour

Don’t care to leave Seoul for exquisite autumn leaves? There are select places within the city that also make wonderful viewing locations, albeit in miniature. If you’re in Korea from October 9 to 22, book our Memorable Korean Autumn Foliage Random Tour for a chance to marvel at the autumn leaves at 2-3 of these select spots. There are few countries that have such stunning Fall Foliage like Korea. Don’t miss out this September or October!

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