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 Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation Information

As the hot summer is nearing its end in Korea, we have received many questions from travelers about Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation.
The resort has 1,801 rooms with many subsidiary facilities like supermarket, sports center, game room, karaoke, pharmacy, beauty parlor, and kids’ club and so on.  Furthermore, the resort provides direct access to the ski slopes, adding more convenience for visiting this ski resorts.
Here is the detailed information about the Vivaldi Park Ski Resort. It contains a detailed explanation of the room types and what is included in each room for your selects of accommodation.
Currently, we offer 1N2D & 2N3D Vivaldi Ski/Snowboard package with Maple Wing, you can find the FAQs about the package below. 

Information about Each Wing

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Vivaldi has six buildings for accommodation: Oak, Pine, Maple, Cherry, Noblian, and a Youth Hostel.

Noblian is only available for the members of Daemyung resort, and youth hostel is suitable for a large group of customers more than 15 pax.
So, in this post, we will post of 4 wings which are Oak, Pine, Maple, and Cherry Wing.
These wings feature modern and comfortable stay for the guests. Let’s break down the details for each wing. We will start from the Maple wing!

 ➡ Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation – Maple Wing 💡 (Booking is available at Indiway)

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 1. Pine Wing

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 2. Cherry Wing

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Oak A

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4. Oak B Family

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Oak B Suites

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6. Oak Gold Suite

[table id=7 /] This will be the end of our Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation post. We hope this could solve your questions.
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach us at

 💡 FAQ about 1N2D & 2N3D Vivaldi Ski/Snowboard package

1. Can I change the room type?

  • No. Through our package, only Maple Family/Suite rooms are available.
    : Other wings (Pine, Oak, Cherry, etc.) are not available due to limited supply. However, have no worries as Maple building, built in 2014, is the second newest building and has everything you need for a cozy and sound stay.

2. Can we book two bedrooms instead of one bedroom and one Korean-style room with the futons when we reserve suites?

  • No. In Maple building suite rooms are only provided with one bedroom and one Korean-style room.
    : Most of the suites in other wings are also the same, except for the Oak B wing which has two-bed rooms.

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