How to meet the driver at the Airport

1. How to meet your driver at Incheon Airport

Indiway has special guidelines for you to find the driver at Incheon Airport because Incheon Airport is especially big, takes a long time to go through immigration, easy to get lost. Incheon Airport pickup is so easy with Indiway!

1. Turn on your cell phone

When you plane lands at the airport, turn on your cell phone and look at the time. The driver will also keep track of real time arrival status of your flight. You don’t have to worry about your plane arriving early or being delayed.

2. Go to Gate 8

Exactly 90 minutes after the actual flight arrival time, meet the driver inside GATE 8. 90 minutes is average time to go through immigration and baggage claim 🙂
The driver will be holding Indiway sign(Mint Color) at Gate 8!


⇒ If you’re flight lands at Terminal 2 (Newly opened Terminal of Incheon Airport):

If you’re heading to Korea through airlines: Korean Air, Delta, Air France, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, you’ll surely be landing at Terminal 2.
Meet the driver exactly 90 minutes after the actual flight arrival time inside GATE 6.

3. FAQ

✓Arrived at Gate 8 earlier than 90 minutes?

No problem! Please call or message the driver. The driver is waiting in the Parking Lot. It will take less than 5 minutes for him to come to Gate 8. Driver’s info including phone number will sent to you 1 day before your trip.

✓ To advance pickup time

90 minutes is average time to go through immigration and baggage claim, however, if you have special circumstances that will allow you to pass customs and immigration quicker (i.e. Global Entry Program, no luggage, business or first class, etc.), please reply to your email voucher. We will set the meeting time earlier.

✓ Wifi Egg/SIM card rental

If it took you longer than 90 minutes to Gate 8, please meet the driver first. He can help you with the rental before heading to the parking lot.

✓ Where is the car?

Do NOT go looking for the car. The car is in the Parking Lot. The driver will help you carry the luggage in a trolley and walk you to the Parking Lot. It will take about 5 minutes. Incheon Airport does not allow passenger cars to wait on the main Arrival Hall floor.

✓ Why Gate 6 or 8?

Incheon Airport is very large and has an open floor plan. We have had many cases where the passenger exits through a different exit and missing the driver. Gate 8 is in the middle of the airport while Gate 6 is at Terminal 2. Please wait inside Gate 6 or 8, do not go outside the building.

✓ Can I have my name written on the board?

For special occasions where you must have your name on the board, please put the request in the NOTES section during booking.

2. How to meet your driver in Gimhae Airport (Busan), Jeju Airport

1. Meet the driver at Arrival hall

Airports other than Incheon are very small and have only one exit for all passengers. Just come out of the exit and the driver will be waiting for you.

2. Find Your name

The driver will be holding a sign with at your arrival gate! Enjoy your airport pickup!