Airplane Seat Tips for Travelers

Planning a trip to Korea?

Booking a plane ticket and not sure which seat to reserve?

We saw this very interesting article in Korean and thought we could share some tips and tricks!


Emergency Exit Seat:

Advantages: The extra leg room and close proximity to the toilets!

Disadvantages: Some airlines require waaaay advance booking for these seats, and depending on the emergency exit the “window” seat may be more cramped.


Window Seat

Advantages: Great place to check out the amazing views while you are flying!

Disadvantages: It can be a bit chilly due to the cold atmosphere outside the window.


Wing Seat

Advantages: The least shakiest seats during turbulence

Disadvantages: However it can be a bit noisy due to the engines


End Seat

Advantages: No annoying guest (and their feet!) kicking or pressing against your back!

Disadvantages:  If there is a wall behind your seat, it may be more difficult for you to extend your seat backwards.


Tail Seat

Advantages: Great place for you to sit with your significant other in privacy

Disadvantages: Can get crowded as people wait for the bathroom


 Aisle Seat

Advantages: You don’t have to bother asking people to move when you go to the bathroom

Disadvantages: BUT others might ask you to move when THEY go to the bathroom

Others Tips and Advice! 


If you want to exit the plane quickly after arrival, it is best to receive the seats at the front of the plane.


Group tourists often reserve the seats in bulk at the back of the plane, so it can get a bit noisy.

Bulk Seats Located at the emergency exit, they provide the most spacious leg room and you can go to the bathroom as you please! However in times of emergency as those sitting in the emergency exits will be expected to help the air steward/ess, they may have certain restrictions. Additionally, the sits in the center aisle at the way front also provide the most spacious leg room- however because there is a bassinet located at the wall, it may be reserved for families with young children or very noisy.



Nausea and Fear of Flying Wing seats are the best recommendation for people who get nausea on the flight or have a fear of flying- during times of turbulence, these seats “shake” the least.



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