[Accommodation Highlight] AFFORDABLE accommodation near ITAEWON!

ITAEWON Guest House

Itaewon is an eclectic and exciting mix of the foreign and the domestic, the international and the familiar! If you are looking for an affordable accommodation near Itaewon, here is the good option to you.

There are 2 kinds of room – 2 beds room and 4 beds rooms  that you can choose.

2 beds room


4 beds room


The reason for choosing ITAEWON Guest House

*Very affordable price 

It is a VERY AFFORDABLE room at only $26/per one, and it just costs $9 for extra charge per person, so perfect for friends looking to travel on a budget!

*Convenient Location

walking distance from the subway station of  Itaewon and Hannam. You can take the subway (Itaewon station / Hannam Station) or Airport bus 6030 to get there directly.

*Clean and newly renovated, just opened in 2015.


*Free breakfast is provided

The room is available for reservation now, so check it out while you have the chance!
2 beds room :
4 beds room:


Looking for something exciting and new to do in Itaewon?

Check out our blog below for more information!





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