[Accommodation Highlight] Expo main gate house pretty third floor room (floor heating + bed)



Rooms are large horse ~~ information.The approximately 20 square.Itguyo position in front of the main entrance Expo (Expo when a new building was built)There is ample parking next door.Beautiful building, third floor + pebble bed type,Full room there is in cypress,Healing is effective while you are using.At night, you can watch the famous Big Osho at the window.The entire building is non-smoking for safety as the wooden buildingFire risk on the catering is not possible in the room.And there was a small kitchen on the first floor rear Please use at any time during cooking, laundering at ^^*.TipPlease watch the cars using Suncheon Garden Expo.Dinner in Yeosu (Yeosu-Suncheon, 25 minutes) and get.And the Chick-In and parked in my house watching the Big-O negative ll be able to walk (3 minutes) and.4:30 wake up in the morning to ride the bus.(Available naerilsu ride on the road, across adult fare 1200 won, it takes about 1 hour) up to the southern coast of parenteral hyangilam sunrise viewing and a simple breakfast and negative (if asked bus every hour) 10:00 bus ride.When you come back to the hostel and a simple shower Chick- Out can be purely Saving the day.(The cars are Available for the whole family can feel free to leave unexplored With the bus comfortable and affordable accommodation for visiting the south coast)Thank you.Yeosu City Tour Infomation.http: // www.ystour.kr / kr / main.jsp

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