A Walk on the Sea at Songdo Beach

A  Walk on the Sea at Songdo Beach

As Busan is famous for beaches, it is very busy and  jammed with a crowd of people during the summer. Especially the Songdo Beach, located merely  3km from downtown of Busan,   began to gain popularity for the area’s city dwellers each summer in the 1960s because of  its graceful coastlines. In fact  the name of “Songdo” means “Pine Island”  in reference to its bordering groves of pine tree.



Songdo Beach Skywalk, formally opened as the Korea’s longest and curved sea overpath in June 2015, was equipped with of 104-meter-length  (from seashore island  to the lighthouse) and  2.3- meter-width that was made with special steel plate and wood.   The bridge was 5.5~6-meters-high above sea level. Visitors are able to see the color of the ocean while the wave rolling under their feet  through the floor which  made of  tempered glass double-reinforced, included  strong  railing. So this  is  the place for visitors  can securely revel in the sounds of churning waves and an expansive ocean view.



It seems the longest bridge above the sea of Songdo is  showing  off the beauty of the architecture, and becoming  an exotic landmark unique  for the visitors with fun and exhilarating experiences. As the aim of this project , the attractive structure of path on the sea have been modeled to welcome  all of  vacationers.

Let’s walk on the sea  this summer!


A Walk on the Sea at Songdo Beach



Address:  Songdohaebyeon-ro, Seo-gu, Busan

Type:  Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands

Closed :  N/A (Open all year round)

Operating Hours :  09:00-18:00

Parking Facilities:  Available

How to get there: From Jagalchi Station, exit 2.

Take buses no. 7, 9, 26, 30, 71, and 96 and get off at station no. 6, then walk to Songdo Skywalk.


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