A small but lovely county, Changyeong-Gun


Changnyeong-gun is a county located near Busan, is called as the second Gyeongju with its rich cultural assets since the prehistoric times.

There are several tourist sites as below, given you the reasons why you should come here when you visit Korea.

Mt. Hwawang


Address : San-332, Okcheon-ri, Changnyeong-eup, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Primary tourist with it’s famous azalea and reed flowers, people usually like to come here in spring and summer for hiking on to this amazing peak!

Upo Wetland


A protected natural reserved wetland with its rich of aquatic vegetation, and in summer, the migratory birds will come here as well 🙂

Gwallyongsa Temple


Other than the natural treasures in Changyeong-Gun, you can also visit the historic sites which is back to the mid of Joseon era.

There are some other sites which are also really recommended, such as Okcheon Valley, Bugok hot spring etc, but yes, but for you to come and explore by yourself 🙂


Ways to get to Changnyeong:


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