A popular lemon cake on the SNS recently- Cafe Skön in Yeonnam-dong

Cafe Skön, which has recently become more popular in SNS, is located in a less lively area of Yeonnam-dong, so it is particularly quiet and not noisy.
From afar, you can see the whole white and distinctive buildings. The white walls and tables and chairs, with some matching colors such as red, royal blue, and chrome yellow, make the outdoor space very lively.
The interior is mainly based on wood and makes you feel comfortable.
There is a whole wall with lots of interesting gadgets on it, all of which are consignment goods.
I think this plate is very cute.
The most famous of their dessert is this cute lemon cake, and almost every guest will get one.
Don’t look down on this simple French toast, in fact, the fried outside is soft, sweet but not greasy, have it with fruit is very delicious!
Refreshing sparkling drink, which actually puts fresh fruit in it~
The external windows here are large floor-to-ceiling windows that do not affect the temperature in the room. so it can let the sunshine into the inside, sitting in there and having blowing air or heating with enjoying the pleasant sunshine.
If you like to enjoy a leisurely and secluded space, especially recommended here, you can quietly chat with friends and enjoy an afternoon tea.
Cafe Skön
🍽 : 10:00-22:00
🏠 : 172, Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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