9 Must Follow Instagram Beauty Accounts!

Korean Beauty Bloggers! 

Do you remember our post on the top 9 instagram accounts to follow? Most Korean celebrities use instagram, where language doesn’t matter and a picture speaks a thousand words!

But what about our beauty professionals? Korean beauties have a lot of hints and tips for makeup, beauty, hair and fashion! From Korean skincare product recommendations or must have Korean makeup items, there are 9 of our favorite instagram beauty accounts to follow!

In no particular order, and from a variety of backgrounds, here are BnBHero’s recommendations!

(It is best to open this blogpost on your mobile, so that you can directly follow the instagram accounts!)

Makeup Model Yoon A Ra! 



Makeup Model for Get It Beauty and other beauty shows


This famous makeup model has over 252 THOUSAND Followers! Sharing a lot of makeup must haves from her own collection, she also posts many outfit coordination for you to be inspired by from your next shopping trp to Korea!

She shares great skin product recommendations for sensitive skin, and is frank about food she eats while she is on her diet!

Also an expert “selca” taker! Her tip is to take it from the left hand angle, and uses camera 360 app to take her photos.

Makeup Artist Min Saerom!



Makeup Artist and Personal Consultant!


A makeup artist in Korea as well as personal consultant, we love looking at her collection because she gives you a lot of behind the scene pictures! Has great professional tips for makeup brushes and tools, as well as professional makeup items.

(It’s not fair that makeup artists themselves are so beautiful in Korea!)

Fashion CEO Park Hyun Sun! 



CEO of online shopping mall Pink Secret, here you can see someone wear her own clothing, and see how it fits! (Although we don’t think you can consider this “real life”…)


This beautiful and professional expert CEO shares her own beauty tips and secrets, and also her daily life! It is also great to see a mix of clothing that you can buy yourself on her website, as well as the daily life of a fashion CEO in Korea!

Beauty Youtuber Kim Dayeong!




This beautiful Youtuber has her own youtube channel, so check it our for some amazing tutorials!


Beauty Youtuber with very detailed makeup videos, what is also great is that she takes the time to explain that you should not follow any tutorial 100%, but adapt it to your own face shape! She shares a lot of daily shots, and instagram is a great way to keep yourself updated with her youtube channel (she posts quick previews!)

She also posts information on her favorite beauty items, and shares a lot of travel tips- which is a must have for people visiting Korea!

Fitness Motivator Go Minsoo!



Beauty is very important, but fitness is more important! Fitness Motivator Go Minsoo can help motivate you to have a better body in 2016!


In 2010 she became famous as a Korean bodybuilder. What we love is that she gives a lot of fitness tips and exercises you can do at home, and is also motivating! Also shows you a very human side because she loves to eat! Very healthy with holistic message, we like the variety she gives to our instagram because she is so different from most Korean beauty bloggers!

Makeup Artist Pony!




One of our favorite and most beautiful makeup artists, Pony Pony!


One of our most favorite beauty makeup artists, she has been prominent for quite a while but has become even more successful recently! She has her own youtube channel and instagram page where you can see a preview of her beautiful pictures and makeup tutorials, but she also has her own makeup line!

Pony Effect is a line of makeup introduced by makeup artist Pony, and she uses her own palette to create signature looks!

Clothing Model and Instagram Celebrity Miss Sohn!



Clothing model Miss Sohn is a beautiful Korean instagram celebrity known for the clothing you can purchase online, her daily life with other beautiful Korean women and her “selfies” that are full bodied!


We love that you can purchase most of her clothing online, and she shares a lot of very interesting selfie tips! Full body direct selfies from the mirrors are usually more flattering than just ones of your face anyways!

(We’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks on taking instagram photos from her!)

What we also love is that she goes to some of the best restaurants in Seoul! So if you are looking for a place to eat, what about looking through some of her restaurant visits?

Beauty Youtuber BambiGirl!




Beauty Youtuber BambiGirl has a very natural and authentic feel to her videos!


This beautiful youtuber is very popular online and amongst other Koreans, but especially because she looks and acts so genuinely in her videos! She shares good makeup tutorials, but great skincare tutorials!

Last but not least- BnBHero!



You can’t be surprised that we included our own site, can you? We are a travel company, but we also care about beauty products and shopping! So if you are not following us on instagram yet, what about adding one more account to your list?

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