7 Korean Tips to make even better Instant Noodles!

How do you make even better instant noodles? 


Recently we saw a very interesting article with tips by experts on how to make even more delicious instant noodles- it is a little bit of extra work, but what about trying out some of these tips?

1. Add Korean Ssamjang, Sugar, Perilla leaf and onion! 


Ssamjang is a special sauce that they sell in all Korean supermarkets (and looks like the picture above), and it is the one you use when you have Korean barbecue!


Perilla leaf is sometimes sold fresh and raw like this, or you can usually find side dishes that include this! It is a very fragrant and strong flavoured leaf that Koreans love to eat! It has been compared to coriander.

Adding these ingredients with sugar and diced onion to your instant noodles is a great way of adding a new flavour depth!

2. Make the noodles springier (or al dente!) 


Do you prefer your noodles with a little bit of ‘bite’ to it, like al dente noodles? A great way to ensure that you have chewy, springy noodles is that while you are cooking it, to lift the noodles out of the pot (like the photo above) a couple of times!

3. Use the strongest heat 

Koreans always insist on using the strongest heat to cook their instant noodles! We… actually don’t know why, but it is a tip by the experts! (Maybe we are just always hungry and want things to cook faster?)

4. Use a broth made out of Dried Anchovies 

Dried anchovies are sold everywhere in Korea because it is used in so many side dishes, main dishes, and also as a stock! Buy some dried anchovies and keep it in a cool, dry place, and when you are boiling the water for the instant noodles, add some to help create a new delicious depth to your soup!

5. Add some Kimchi Water! 


You know that broth/soup/water in your kimchi! When you are boiling the noodle, add some kimchi and kimchi soup to your dish! Koreans usually eat their instant noodles with kimchi anyways, but this helps to create a new and amazing depth to your meal!

6. Add just a little bit of vinegar!


According to experts adding just a little bit of vinegar will give you chewier noodles and a “cleaner” finish at the end! Let us know if you try this, and how it tastes!

7. Add Tofu to create a more softer taste! 


Adding tofu when you are cooking your instant noodles can help balance out the very strong flavour and spices in the instant noodles! Additionally as you continue eating and the tofu loses its form, it creates a new and amazing flavour to the dish.


So what do you think? Are you considering having instant noodles today?

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