5 Things To Know Before Buying a Prepaid Sim Card in Korea

If you have any experience travelling to other countries, you will probably know Getting a Prepaid Sim Card in Korea is essential for you to have access to internet to get any necessary information, stay connected to your friends and family, and most importantly, not to get lost in an unfamiliar place! 😅😅
There are so many types of sim card with all different conditions. But in South Korea, Unlimited Data Sim Card is definitely the most efficient option. Renown for providing the highest Internet speed in the world, South Korea don’t mess about when it comes to Speed. ⚡⚡ So take advantage of it while you are at it!
But then again, there are so many Unlimited Data Sim Card options out there. They may look all the same at a glance, but that’s NOT the case. Read our guide and choose carefully. 
1. Data Speed that best suits your needs.
What will you use the data for? Do you need it to simply communicate with your friends via Messengers? Will you be watching Youtube on the way to a destination? Will you be sharing your photos and videos on Facebook/Instagram? You want a sim card with the speed that will allow you to have seamless experiences.
💡 Expected Surfing/Email/Uploading/Streaming experience
– ~ 1Mbps: Okay 
Good for Surfing, Emailing, and Calling via messengers.
A lot of buffering when uploading or playing a video on Youtube, Don’t count on a seamless streaming experience with speed under 1Mbps. Recommended for those who will mostly use it for communication and simple Googling.

4~6Mbps: Fast

A quality Web surfing experience and fast enough to stream a 720p high-definition video. If you’re a social media regular who posts video and images, you’re going to want at least 4~6Mbps so you can easily upload and post your images and videos.
 150 Mbps: Super Fast
You won’t see any pause or delay for your request. Quality experiences even when gaming, simultaneously streaming multiple HD Videos.

=> Compare our Unlimited Data Prepaid Sim Card in Korea

Name Included Speed
1. [KT Olleh] Full Speed Unlimited LTE Data Prepaid Sim Card in Korea (1/5/10/30 days) ✓ Unlimited 4G LTE Data
5 days – ₩24,750
10 days – ₩34,650
30 days – ₩60,775
5 Mbps
2. [SKT] Unlimited LTE data Prepaid Sim Card in Korea (5/10/30days) ✓ Unlimited 4G LTE Data
5 Days – ₩22,600
10 Days – ₩30,500
30 Days – ₩60,000
150 Mbps until 1GB DAILY, afterwards 5Mbps
3. [KT Olleh] All-Included Sim Card: Unlimited LTE Data & Voice Call & SMS prepaid sim card in Korea (5/7/10/15/30 days)  
✓ Unlimited 4G LTE Data
✓ 100-min Voice Call
✓ 100 SMS5 days – ₩25,490
10 days – ₩34,900
30 days – ₩64,490(7 days & 15 days available)
150 Mbps until 10GB, afterwards 400kbps
2. Data Speed Drop 
Imagine you were watching a high quality video just fine but suddenly, loading got much slower and it’s getting annoying! If you are the type of person who can’t endure buffering, this tip is especially for you. 😁😁😁

Check if the speed will remain the same throughout the whole use period or if it will drop after reaching a certain data limit. For example, some sim cards will be advertised 150Mbps but actually only within 300MB data usage. It is okay for those who won’t use data so much but want to have the best experience while using it but not recommended to heavy-data users. Check if 1) you will be exceeding the speed limit usage point and then, 2) if you are happy with the data speed afterwards.

*FYI, Daily data usage for most people is less than 1GB unless they watch several high-quality videos.
For Heavy-Data users => [KT Olleh] Full Speed Unlimited LTE Data Sim Card (1/5/10/30 days)
For Moderate-Data users => [KT Olleh] All-Included Sim Card: Unlimited LTE Data & Voice Call & SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days) OR [SKT] Unlimited LTE data Korea Prepaid Sim Card SKT (5/10/30days)

3. Service Provider (Choose one from Major Telecom)
This will determine the consistency of your internet connection as only Major Telecoms such as KT and SKT will provide stable, high-speed internet connection wherever in Korea you are. The most accessible network for foreigners is KT at the moment. However, SK Telecom has recently launched comparable Sim cards at more competitive prices so it’s worth giving it a go.
*All Indiway Sim Card Products offer service provided from the 2 major telecoms in South Korea (KT Olleh, SKT) 
prepaid sim card korea skt
4. Free Incoming Call/SMS Receiving
Check if you will be given a phone number where you will be able to reached. For example,  if you’ve booked a hotel and there is an occasion they need to reach out to you, it would be better for you to have a contact number than passing over a messenger ID. If you are comfortable with communicating over Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc, you can disregard this part.
5. Outgoing Call/SMS
This option just makes things a bit easier as you don’t have to have a messenger to make a call. Recommended for those who are travelling to Korea for business purpose.
=> [KT Olleh] All-Included Sim Card: Unlimited LTE Data & Voice Call & SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days)

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