5 Free Practical Apps Help Your Korea Trip


When you plan to visit Korea, you must be excited and list somewhere you wanna go. Especially when you do not understand the language, you might be a little worried. No need!

Since you could easily connect to the Internet by your smartphone, no matter you rent a wifi egg or buy a prepaid sim card, you could easily search anything for your needs.


Therefore, We recommend 5 awesome apps to help you make your perfect Korea travel experience.


(1) 카카오톡 Kakaotalk   

If you know a little about Korean culture, you probably already have this Korean instant message app. This app is the main apps they communicate with each other.

This app not only allows you to text and built-in call to other KakaoTalk users, you also could send beautiful photos and videos you take on the trip. With their famous cute character stickers, Kakao friends, texting becomes more fun as long as you’ve connected the Internet.


Download> Andorid / iOS



(2) 카카오지하철 Kakaometro

When you need transportation in the city, the official metro system is the best convenient and fast choice. You definitely have this app on your phone. You could switch to KakaoMetro and enjoy a neat screen and lots of useful Subway information easily. It is not only accurate but also detailed—it tells you which car is closest to your transfer.

Moreover, this app has been created based on real subway station locations in Seoul Metropolitan, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon. Also, landmarks indicated on the maps will help you understand the maps more easily.


Download> Android / iOS


(3) 카카오버스 Kakaobus


I always recommend that taking a bus is much more convenient! At least, you don’t have to walk on stairs up and down so many times. Or the nearest metro station is a little far for you.

This app has many benefits, such as the real-time bus arrival information, bus route information with real-time bus location, and departure Alarm. (As long as you set up the departure alarm to receive notifications five minutes, three minutes or one minute before the bus arrives at your stop.) This app will give you suggestions based on your current location, including nearby stops, night buses nearby.


Download> Android / iOS


(4) 네이버 지도 Naver map


Honestly, Google Maps is not very helpful in Korea, so this time don’t use it. Korean are used to have Naver map on their phones more and the information keep being updated on Naver map.

This app is equipped with a quick access to your frequently visited places, favorite buses, upcoming restaurant reservations and personalized data on the Home Screen. Also, you could easily search and receive recommendations on nearby ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, famous restaurants


Download> Android / iOS


(5) 파파고 Naver Papago translate


Papago refers a parrot, which is a bird with language abilities. 

Sometimes we need translation, and this app could help you handle the basic communication. Not only text translation, real-time voice translation, it also supports image translation, when you cannot enter text, just take a picture of it and highlight it with your finger for real-time translation. Its dictionary function provided for users t check more meaning at your needs.


Download> Android / iOS


Are you ready for your exciting trip to Korea? Just make sure that you download these useful apps to help you and enjoy the travel experience. 🙂



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