5 Best Korean Alcoholic Drinks to try

The culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages in Korea goes back to a long tradition of gathering around the table and everyone together having fun.

Korea has a lot of varieties of alcohol beverages.

1. Calamansi Soju (깔라만시 소주)

Soju is the most famous Korean alcohol all over the world. Some people don’t like soju because of bitter taste.

So Korean people mix some ingredient with Soju.

Calamansi is hot item in Korea now. You can easily buy calamansi juice at the supermarket in Korea. Just mix calamansi juice and Soju!

Some people said, after drinking calamansi soju, you won’t feel hangover the next day.

Is it true or not? Try it yourself!

2. Maksa (막사)

Makgeolli is a traditional Korean rice wine. It tastes slightly sweet, tangy and bitter. University students like to mix makgeolli and cider mostly. It will be very sweet from the sugary drinks.

3. Somaek (소맥)

Most famous alcohol drink made with soju and beer. The golden ratio of Soju and beer is 3:7.

4. Cream Beer (크림생맥주)

If you don’t like bitter taste of the beer, why don’t you try cream beer? Many young Korean like sweet cream beer.

Also, there are many kinds of beer like honey beer, grapefruit beer.

5. Fruit Makgeolli (과일막걸리)

Makgeolli may also be mixed with ice and fruits such as strawberry and pineapple to make fruit cocktails.

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