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General tourists visiting Gyeongbokgung will inevitably go to the nearby Samcheong-dong and bukchon, but in fact, Seochon on the other side of Gyeongbokgung is also very lively. Seochon is best known for its Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken Soup, but today I would like to introduce the MIRABEAU handmade chocolate cafe opposite Tosokchon.

Cafes selling handmade chocolates like this are not easy to see in Seoul. The gates of the European style are particularly prominent in Seochon, which is full of Korean traditional hanok. When you enter the cafe, you will see filled with a wide array of handmade chocolates in the counter, with a lot of flavors and also have gift boxes, are very suitable for the gift.

In addition to special flavors of chocolate, they also make Nama chocolate and nutty chocolate, and MIRABEAU is not just famous for their handmade chocolates, as well as selling coffee and western tea that is very compatible with chocolate. Besides, Milk tea is popular in Korea lately, they also use their own black tea to make the milk tea, in a beautiful glass bottle, whether it is for here or to go is very suitable for.

Just thinking about choose which flavors of chocolate and drink, we hesitated for a long time at the counter, the owner kindly introduced us to their tea and took out the tea for us to test, but this day we just really need the caffeine. Next time! Would very like to try their tea again~

Their cafe is actually not big. On the first floor, except for the counter, there are only a few such small seats, but they can also go up to the second floor with the small stairs next to them. The stairwells are also decorating by a painted and a potted. with large windows, the sun is sure to be beautiful when it comes in!

On the second floor, there are more seating areas and large windows. In addition to the sun shining in when the weather is good, the windows are facing the roof of the traditional village of Nishimura, which is very special~

But today’s focus is on their meals. We simply tasted three kinds of chocolates, and each of us ordered a cup of coffee. The shape of the cup was distorted and interesting.

They are Nama chocolate, Earl Grey chocolate, and whiskey chocolate. Nama chocolate is not easy to make and preserve, and it is not easy to buy than normal chocolate, so I can’t help but try to taste their Nama chocolate.

The Nama chocolate is very smooth, the taste is strong and not too sweet, not bad, it is good~ the combination of chocolate and tea is will be what kind of taste? The taste of chocolate is too heavy, and the aroma of the tea is not enough. It is a little bit pity, but it is still delicious.

The last whiskey chocolate is my personal favorite. In addition to the bittersweet dark chocolate, I especially prefer the chocolate with the alcohol, it also is bittersweet taste, the aroma of the whiskey with the chocolate, it is the perfect combination. Really recommend!

After leaving, My other friend who has been to here is also recommended their ice cream, says is also very delicious! It’s a pity that the weather is too cold when I go. After the weather gets warmer, I definitely have to try it~

🍽 : 11:00 – 22:00
🏠 : 6, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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