Mega Mart Shopping

Mega Mart Shopping

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Mega Mart Shopping!!

One of BnBHero’s recommendation for foreign visitors is Mega Marts Shopping because you can see various popular products in Korea from cosmetics to food, and save time for shopping. There are few local Mega Mart brands such as eMart, Home Plus and Lotte Mart. The best time to go Mega Mart Shopping is the last day of your Korea trip. You can buy gifts for your family and friends which you haven’t bought, or you can fill your bag up to baggage limit with affordable and high quality Korean products!

[Tip1] Where are they?: Our top pick for foreign travelers are eMart Yongsan Station (subway line 1, Yongsan Station), Lotte Mart Seoul Station (subway line 1/4, Seoul Station) and eMart Incheon Airport (in front of Incheon Airport). The benefit is that you can stop there on the way to Airport! All of these marts have either Airport Express Train or Airport Shuttle Bus.

[Tip2] What to buy?: Most populart shopping items are costmetic products (mask pack, BB cream, ….) and food (seaweed, chewing gum, candies, Jinseng,…). Otherwise, you can buy your own selection from millions of products from the shelves.

[Tip3] I have large travel bag. Can I bring it?: Don’t worry. They have storage cabinets. If your bag is too big, go to customer service desk. They usually provide bag keeping service for travelers.

[Tip4] I’d love to go shopping but my bag is already full.: Don’t worry. They provide free box, tape and tie for packing. You just need to dump everything into the box and seal it for airport baggage check-in. Most of airlines accepts up to 2 check-in baggages as long as their weight is not exceed the limit.

If your return flight is in the afternoon, isn’t it pretty interesting option for morning schedule of your departing day? or the last night schedule if you have to leave in the morning? ^ ^


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