2016 Summer Best Rooftop Bars in Seoul!

The summer heat is upon us in Seoul!

While last week we introduced some of the best outdoor hotel pools in Seoul so this week we thought we could widen the net by introducing the best roof-top bars in Seoul!

From new boutique hotels with stunning views of Gangnam, to small private rooftop gardens everyone seems to be posting about, we have our list of 12 bars, all located in Seoul!

If you are looking for a nice cold glass of wine whilst enjoying Seoul’s sunset or just want a high vantage point to laugh the night away, here are the top 12 contenders, curated for you by BnB Hero!

Check out the google map with all the locations! 


Check out more information on Namsan Harvest’s official website!

A classic favorite with Seoulites, Namsan Harvest (or Harvest Namsan) is an outdoor roof bar that combines an upscale and somewhat English garden like feel in one location. With stunning views looking down Namsan mountain with Itaewon sprawled in front of you.

Food is generic European cuisine with classic pasta dishes, but brunch is said to be even better! Whether you are a glass of wine at sunset type of person or someone looking for a mimosa at brunch, we highly recommend this Itaewon rooftop bar!

Namsan Harvest

258-202 Itaewon 2 dong,

Yongsan-gu, Seoul

02.793.2299 / 02.793.7779

11:00 ~ 00:00


Check out more information on Avant garde Art’s official website!

Or like their official facebook page for up to date information! 

Avant Garde Rooftop is distinctive and easy to spot with its signature yellow roof, but what makes it more interesting and entertaining is that it’s more than  a bar! A gallery and a cafe, you will find something to sooth the artistic and cultural side of your soul!

With sculptures, paintings and glass pieces, enjoy a nice cocktail or a refreshing ice coffee in the summer heat, browse some amazing pieces of art and perhaps pick something up as a souvenir!

A must try drink in the summer? Try out their amazing mojitos and margaritas!


Avant Garde Rooftop

222 Noksanpyeong-daero

Yongsan-gu, Seoul

010.4633.0744 / 070.8234.0744

18:00 ~ 02:00


Like their official facebook page for up to date information! 

One of the most stunning rooftop bars in Itaewon, they serve South East Asian finger foods, and with the summer humidity you can really feel as if you have escaped to South East Asia!

They use real mangos and guavas in their tropical cocktails, and if you are traveling with friends the cocktail overlooking the roof makes the most iconic and popular instagram shots we’ve seen! (For a trio, order the mango shake, the coconut shake and the hisbiscus shake! They make for a stunning combination of colors!)


PP Seoul

258-199 Itaewon 2(i)-dong

Yonsan-gu, Seoul


15:00 ~ 01:00



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The Griffin Bar is located no the 11th floor of the new JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square, making it a perfect stop before or after a full day’s worth of shopping in Dongdaemun!Not only do you get sprawling views that are distinctive from the ones you can in ITaewon, the historic Heunginjimun Gate always makes it a stunning place to take photos!

As a hotel bar the prices can get a little bit more expensive, but we highly recommend a visit- even if it is for only 1 cocktail!

You will find some stunning fusion drinks only available at the Griffin Bar, which incorporates Korean ingredients with classic cocktail bases!  


Visit the official website!

Le Style Bar is hardly new, but there is something outrageously stunning about this colorful rooftop bar! Located on top of the Ibis Style Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong, it is in the perfect vicinity for all our Myeongdong shoppers!

You get stunning views of Seoul Namsan Tower, but even better is its close proximity to sightseeing destinations north of the Han river! With a causal and funky vibe, this is a perfect place to open a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself with a group of friends!

Le Style Bar

302 Samil Daero

Jung-gu, Seoul


18:00 ~ 22:00

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Located near Gangnam and right across the Ritz Carlton Seoul, the Hotel Cappuccino has its own roof top bar with stunning views both day and night! We highly recommend you come before the sun sets, because it is one of the highest buildings in the area!

The Rooftop Bar is the first Gintoneria in Seoul- offering one of the most comprehensive lists of gins, and also an amazing selection of garnishes! You have the choice of picking and choosing 3 garnishes for your gin tonic- from traditional flavors like lime and mint to more outrageous ones like avocado and Korean herbs!

Rooftop Bar

155 Bongeunsa-ro

Gangnam-gu, Seoul


18:00 ~ 02:00

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 What other name emphasizes “rooftop” than words like Floating? Located on top of the newly opened L7 Hotel in Myeongdong, you have stunning views of Namsan  Tower and a exhaustive list of cocktails to try!
Want to experience the real Korean experience? They have a special Korean Fried Chicken & Beer set! A cold, crisp beer on a hot and balmy evening with the sweet and sour and spicy untertones of amazing Korean Fried Chicken?
Sign us up!


135-8 Toegye-ro

Jung-gu, Seoul


17:00 ~ 00:00

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The other rooftop hotel we want to recommend in Gangnam, this is a classic- an oldie but a goodie! Kloud  is the rooftop bar located on top of the Mercure Seoul Ambassador Gangnam Sodowe, and is one of the best places to enjoy the stunning views of Seoul!
A very popular dating destinations for Seoulites, you might see a lot of couples here no their first or second dates!


10 Teheran-ro 25-gil

Gangnam-gu, Seoul


18:00 ~ 02:00

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3 Section is a private and cozy rooftop bar located in Itaewon, with stunning views of the sunset- located right in front of the main street you can get the most entertaining views on the weekends- because we know that Seoulites love to party!

It is also perfect on the weekday or the weekend for a cup of coffee-although a hot latte might not be the best decision on the super hot Seoul days, they have beautiful latte work you will fall in love with!

3 Section

42 Noksapyeong-daero 40-gil

Yongsan-gu, Seoul


11:45 ~ 03:00


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Oriole is located not in Itaewon itself but a sub neighborhood located a little bit north called Haebangchon (also known as HBC!)! It is a small rooftop with great views looking down over Itaewon, making it an impressive destination to take photos!

They serve light European fare and both cocktails and wines, so this is one area we recommend for the almost Seoulites looking to discover a new extension of Itaewon!


406-99 Huam-dong

Yongsan-gu, Seoul


19:00 ~ 03:00


The official website is only in Korean, BUT

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Lua Lounge is probably the newest kid on the block, but that doesn’t make this rooftop bar any less special! We love the whimsical and romantic decoration, and we especially love its prime real estate in Itaewon!

Whether you want a bottle of wine or a simple cocktail, this is the perfect place to start off your weekend in Seoul!

Lua Lounge

47 Usadan-ro

Yongsan-gu, Seoul


18:00 ~ 04:00


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Standard Identity is our only contender in Hongdae, but this secret place is a must visit bar! Located on a 4 story building and hidden from plain view, you need to be “in the know” to discover this destination, so good thing that we have you covered!

The Standard Identity isn’t a frilly and ravishing bar, but a modern and clean cut city secret where you can actually enjoy a barbecue party!


Standard Identity

169-22 Donggyo-dong

Mapo-gu, Seoul

070.7762.5599 / 010.9099.9033

14:00 ~ 03:00

How many have you visited? We’re proud to say we’ve gone through half the list!

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