2015 Korea Grand Sale

The Korea Grand Sale, the largest shopping/tourism festival ever held in this country, will run for 79 days from August 14, 2015 to October 31, 2015.

Different from Black Friday Sales in USA, Mega Sale in Hong Kong, and other sale events only for shopping, Korea Grand Sale is a shopping-tourism festival to make foreign visitors spend quality time in Korea through harmony among shopping, the Korean Wave, and tourism.

Korea Grand Sale which celebrates its 6th anniversary this year provides with introduction of quality products from Korea, expansion of cultural experience, and other various benefits for shopping, attractions, accommodations, transportations, food&beverages, and entertainment to attract foreign tourists and to boost consumption during the off-season.

The Korea Grand Sale is a great way of doing trendy but thrifty shopping in Korea!
It’s also the time of year when you can take advantage of the biggest possible discounts on air tickets and hotel guestroom rates. Come and have a great time shopping and enjoying Korean culture.

Event Title: Korea Grand Sale

▪  Period: August 14st, 2015~October 31st, 2015

▪  Location: Seoul, the metropolitan area, and major cities around Korea

▪  Participants: Overseas visitors and foreign residents in Korea

▪  Subject: Shopping discounts, giveaways, etc.

▪  Scale: 250 participating companies and 30,000 venues

▪  Host: Visit Korea Committee

Our website has been updated in time for the Korea Grand Sale with more events, promotions, and discount information than ever before. Get all the information you need here on our official website and make the best of the Korea Grand Sale!

▶ Main Menus on our Website

▪  Korea Grand Sale

   Obtain basic information on the Korea Grand Sale, hosts and sponsors, and how to send inquiries.

▪  Participating Companies

A complete list of nationwide that are participating in the Korea Grand Sale.

▪  Coupons

    Download coupons to get the most out of the Korea Grand Sale.

▪  Promotions

    Korea Grand Sale promotions brought to you in affiliation with participating companies.

▪  Events

   More information on culture experience events at the Korea Grand Sale Event Center and other venues and facilities.

▪  PR Center

   The latest information on the Korea Grand Sale, official news and photos.

▪  My Coupons

   Collect shopping coupons for your favorite venues to enhance your shopping experience.

※ This website provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from your desktop computer to tablet PC, or smart phone.


Here are some tips on how to use the Korea Grand Sale coupons that can get you
products or services you need for a discounted price at venues that are participating in the
Korea Grand Sale.

* From Aug 14nd, 2015 until Oct 31nd, 2015

* Some companies begin their sale from August 21st.

▶ How to Get the Coupon

1. General Coupon (One-Pass Coupon)
This One-Pass Coupon can be used at any venue participating in the Korea Grand Sale. Get a discount at practically any store with just one coupon.

▪    Online Coupon: Use the coupon below that is available on the Korea Grand Sale website.
※ The coupon is available in all mobile formats.

Printout Coupons: Use the coupons provided in the promotional leaflet.
※ Where to get a leaflet: major tourist information centers around Korea.

2. Venue-Specific Coupons
Shop till you drop! If you have specific shopping plans this trip, download individual coupons with more information on the venues and specific discount rates. Save your favorite coupons in ”My Coupons” to make the best of your shopping.

[Go to Advanced Coupon Search] ▶ How to Use the Coupons
▪    Step1. Visit a Korea Grand Sale affiliate
▪    Step2. Show your Korea Grand Sale coupon upon payment or get the event coupon before making a purchase.

▪    Step3. Purchase a product or service for a discounted price (or receive a gift)

▶ Things to Consider
▪    Coupons are only valid during the Korea Grand Sale period (Aug, 14, 2015 ~ Oct ,31 2015).
▪    You do not have to subscribe to the website to download coupons.
▪    All coupons are equally valid regardless of their format.
(Coupons can be printouts, online coupons, One-Pass Coupons, or venue-specific coupons).
▪    The coupons cannot be used with other promotions and membership discounts.
▪    The coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.


For full information you can check here http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/kgs/2015

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