10 Fusion Dishes for the Winter Olympics!



In preparation for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (held in 2018), chefs have been working on creating new and amazing recipe ideas that will perfectly represent Korea, but also give it a modern and creative twist.

Celebrity Chef Edward Kwon recently introduced 10 new fusion dishes that are inspired by classic Korean dishes or ingredients from the Pyeongchang Region (located in Gangwon-do), so we thought we could share a few with our readers!

The left is traditional Korean bibimbap, and the right is a salad bibimbap that they have come up with! It is made with vitamin E-enriched black rice, vegetables, a gochujang (red chili paste) and mayonnaise sauce, and a crispy, fried buckwheat top.

The left is the new fusion dish, rice topped with trout, rich in Omega 3 and DHA. We wonder if the right was the inspiration- Koreans love eating fresh fish, and we love rice, and we have our own raw fish rice dish we eat mixed with lots of healthy vegetables and spicy chilli sauce!

Dumplings filled with trout and soaked in a tomato cream sauce. We also love our dumplings! The dumplings seem to have a very similar shape, but tomato cream sauce? This seems a little bit like an Italian pasta dish- we wonder how it would taste!

Next is a pasta made with buckwheat noodles, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and an oil-based sauce infused with fish and soy sauce. We love our buckwheat noodles and the most famous version would be the one in Mul Naengmyon! But we can imagine that it probably tastes like a nice chilled pasta salad.

The next is fried buckwheat with baby vegetables. We don’t know what this could be directly inspired by, but wonder if it is just our love of fried food! Have you tried eating Fried 튀김 at the street stalls? They taste absolutely delicious, especially when you dip it into the hot and spicy tteokbokki sauce!

Hot noodle soup with dried pollack, mushroom and clam looks a lot like our favorite dish, handcut noodles in seafood broth (칼국수) in Korean, which will be perfect for the winter weather, as it will keep the cold at bay!

Last is a dessert made with Cheonhyehyang, a crossbred citrus fruit, and white chocolate, cream cheese and gorgonzola. Normally we eat this delicious and tart fruit raw, as juice, or even icecream! We don’t know how to even imagine what it will taste like with cream cheese and gorgonzola…

So what do you think about these dishes? Think you can improve them in some way, or have your own ideas?

What is YOUR idea of the perfect fusion dish?

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